King Talal School of Business Technology


The B.Sc. Accounting program at the King Talal School for Business aims to fully cover the different aspects of accounting, with focus on technical and professional factors, in order to graduate accountants with excellent qualifications and the capability of contributing efficiently in developing business institutions and raising their performance level, in addition to meeting both local and regional market requirements in this vital field.

The Accounting program at PSUT is a unique one in that it avoids the restraints of conventional accounting programs offered by many universities, rather concentrating on the applications of information technology in different fields of knowledge related to accounting science and computerized auditing.

This new distinguished program, built on the merging of technology with different fields of knowledge, is part of the ambitious plan adopted by PSUT to accomplish its mission to improve standards of scientific research and develop academic programs that differ from traditional programs.

This Accounting program serves to advance the good reputation achieved by PSUT, locally, regionally and internationally over the past twenty years in the field of merging technology with knowledge. It will also effectively contribute in the project of developing the university education system in conformity with the Jordanian strategy to develop education and scientific research, with concentration on quality, content and need.

According to the results of a study recently conducted by King Talal School for Business on the requirements of the Jordanian labor market, which included field visits to Jordanian joint-stock companies listed in the Amman stock market to investigate their current and future functional needs, these companies prefer Business graduates with outstanding technical capability in their specializations, in addition to good mastery of the English language and a high competency in computer skills.

The study plan of the Accounting program is based on bridging the gap between theory and application in the Jordanian university curriculum, through concentration on the quality of the academic material and its content as well as developing students’ linguistic and technical skills. Thus, the majority of the taught courses in this program are conducted in English, in addition to computer usage featuring highly in many of them.

The plan also includes applied courses that will develop the students` skills in order to enable them to meet the requirements of this rapidly expanding profession immediately after their graduation without the need for additional training.

The study plan of this program is distinguished by flexibility and adaptability due to the commitment to keep it subject to constant evaluation and review to ensure that is always up to date with the latest developments.