Our mission at the Deanship of Student Affairs (DSA) is to provide high quality student services and develop cultural, artistic, athletic, and social programs that support the academic mission of the university and improve the students' personality by promoting their learning outcomes. The Deanship of Student Affairs also gives the students the chance to participate in public services in order to take an active part in the society after graduation.


  • To provide various types of activities for all students in order to develop their personality such as cultural, social, and athletic activities
  • To enhance the students' belonging to the university by holding events where the students interact with the University
  • To train the students to interact with the local community by conducting different courses and workshops in this field
  • To enhance the students' feelings of voluntary work through different social activities such as the blood donation campaign, and the money donation campaigns as well as holding Iftar banquets for orphans during Ramadan
  • To prepare the students to get involved in the private sector by providing them with the necessary skills and training
  • To provide suitable job opportunities for the university graduates when capable