The Coordination Unit for Service Courses was established in the academic year 2013as a replacement of Arts and Human Sciences Department. The unit is directly supervised by the vice president for academic affairs, Dr Mashhour Al-Rifa'e. The unit offers university mandatory and elective courses in human sciences for all students at the university. The unit aims at:

  • Providing service courses for the university students, such as language courses, Arab and Islamic culture, introduction to philosophy as well as other self-learning courses.
  • Developing students' academic awareness and achievement in a way that seeks excellence and high quality education.
  • Preparing university students through effective leaning and adapting to contemporary curricula.
  • Preserving the national and cultural identity and utilizing it in facing knowledge, science race, and bearings of globalization.
  • Preserving the Arabic language, linguistic heritage as well as Arab civilization.

Through the courses it provides, the unit seeks to contributing to shaping students, abilities, skills and knowledge as follows:

  • Develop students' critical thinking and creative thinking skills.
  • Encourage studying other cultures and their ways of thinking.
  • Introduce students with the aesthetics of the Arabic Literature and its heritage.
  • Introduce students with the status quo in the Arab world, discussing and analyzing it objectively.
  • Provide students with basic and advanced knowledge in the English language.