King Talal Faculty of Business and Technology
Management Information Systems


The Management Information Systems program is a management and technical integrated program, yields qualified graduates with the skills to assist management with needed information on a regular basis. It involves a study of the underlying technologies, which enhance the handling of information within systems and organizations, and training on how to analyze, design, manage, document and present the information to the various management levels that will use it. In addition, the program contains courses that will enhance communication skills for the students.

MIS is an interdisciplinary program. Therefore, it is a combination of a strong business curriculum and the experience and technical skills needed to compete in today's knowledge-based, business, and information-based society locally, regionally, and internationally. By bridging the gap between business requirements and technology-based solutions, MIS graduates assist organizations to succeed and grow. The MIS-based systems are capable of providing management with relevant and timely information to make decisions effectively and efficiently.

The main objective of the MIS program is providing the local, regional and international market with highly qualified graduates, who are capable of developing the organizational operations through using the information in making the right decisions at the right time. In order to achieve this objective, the department aims to:

  1. Qualify the students to design effective systems, construct computer networks, perform systems analysis, manage databases and work with decisions support systems.
  2. Provide the students the skills of developing computer application software, in the related managerial domains.
  3. Train students on research methods and problem solving using practical approaches, while training them practically in local organizations.
  4. Supply the local market and community with qualified graduates in the field of information systems, to achieve a distinguished transformation of the organizations’ performance, based on the international standards of organizational development.
  5. Assist organizations and businesses in the decision making process, by organizing the activities, so they become integrated through computerized systems. 6. Provide graduates with skills related to the utilization of the information, including the storing, maintaining, updating and retrieving the information to serve the purpose of solving business problems.